Monday, August 12, 2019

Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Research Paper Example e character and behavior of animals (23) The author further describes this type of art and influenced by observation of animals and their behavior under particular circumstances (Art Galleries Switzerland 24). Regardless of the assumption in the similarity between animal characters and real events, Skoglund’s art work is effective and appropriate to communicate to her audience. The art work titled Fox Games displays the exact characteristics of Skoglund. The art work incorporates appropriate color and installation and presentation of the art work. Skoglund uses fox described objects to set the art work into the required plot expectation (1). The fox installations represent the animal itself. She is also able to display the violent nature of foxes by placing different foxes at different position other denoting violence and fighting. Skoglund uses color to enhance audience and art connectivity. Foxes are normally regarded as dangerous animals and color red represents this notion effectively. Hung Liu is a Chinese artist whose most artwork is influenced by her personal experience since her childhood. As a child she had she had to witness many tribulations that affected China including eviction from their homes due to war and political instability (Hallmark 56). Liu studied art and he paid tribute to great artists in China. His acknowledgement of art made her an artistic symbol in China as she got numerous teaching opportunities in universities and colleges (Hallmark 58). She travelled to the United States where she further continued with her artwork and gain global acknowledgement for her presentation and great taste in art. Her art work are based on photography and painting based on ancient Chinese traditions and perception on the society (Art Scene Chinas Par 3). Her presentation of the Chinese tradition in the modern art galleries have gained significant and the influential in the Chinese social circles. In reviewing her 1995 painting titled Customs, Liu uses

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