Thursday, September 26, 2019

Any topic (writer's choice) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 2

Any topic (writer's choice) - Essay Example Gladwell notes that there is a disadvantage in the perceived advantaged classroom setups. He elaborates the situation using the inverted U curve Theory. Using the theory, it is clear that majority of American parents prefer small classrooms to large ones. The U curve theory provides that most people prefer working in small groups. However, people choosing to work in small groups do not consider the disadvantages associated with small numbers. Using the U curve theory, Gladwell notes that most American Schools brag about their small sized classrooms that allow providing maximum teacher-student interactions (Gladwell 97). Gladwell notes that the schools might be disillusioned since there are certain disadvantages associated with such setups. Small class size does not give students a wide exposure to the world of reality through discussions. Essentially, the discussions in small class size are minimal and, therefore, limit students’ interactions in the learning environment. Gladwell adopts the Little Pond Theory to explain the freedom of disadvantage. Gladwell argues that people underestimate the power vested in them and, therefore, do not realize the potential they have. He gives an example of how the above-average students think that they are bright and should score high grades (Gladwell 134). In addition, the above average students tend to choose only institutions or courses which have a better reputation or ranking. To their shock, the institutions or courses contain valedictorians that provide uniformity to all students.

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