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Treveon Albert Dec 1, 2011 Brubaker’’ Reaction paper ‘’Brubaker, movie of the 1980’s is an earnest, right minded, consistently unsurprising movie about a penologist named brubaker (Robert Redford), who sets out to reform a single corrupt prison and finds himself bucking the system, including the state administration that appointed him to his job. When the new warden comes in disguised as an inmate, he sees first hand all the corruption and scams the guards and prison officials are running. When he reveals himself, and starts to implement reforms to stop the corruption, the local community business, which had been benefiting from the scams, fights back, and the corrupt southern prison system, starts making political trouble for the new warden. As soon as brubaker identifies himself and takes command of Wakefield to begin his reform program, the film loses all pensions and becomes, instead, a predictable inventory of the problems faced by all reformers who, like brubaker, refuse to compromise. Based on the rebound of the movie, personally I think Robert Redford is a very courageous man and will overcome every obstacle in his way to be successful. Perhaps the personal view that brubaker has on starting the reform program is kind of a false approach because no one is on his side, and the people that are on his side can’t do anything to help him. Motivationally Lillian, the lady that is in the system believes in Mr. Brubaker can’t betray the state administration. To make a change brubaker would of been mostly successful by getting in the system. I was also influenced that this is kind of a life lesson. While trying to make a change always have resources that back you up and get people on your side with power and people that have a voice in the society Mr. Brubaker was living in. It is very noticeable that brubaker was out numbered. Without sustaining a change brubaker may have made a change but it wasn’t a process in the making, it was an

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